3 days before the closing date for applications for the summer holidays under the "cultural exchange" program

If you are an activist, striker, or family member of a political prisoner and have children aged 6-12, we remind you that you can send your child to Italian families for 1-2 months. It is planned that this will be July-August 2022.

Important! Only holders of the legal status of stay in the European Union, who have provided all the necessary documents, can apply for a trip.

Also important! If you are an activist, this implies participation in any initiatives, projects, etc. Please do not confuse your activities with civic activism and provide relevant documentation.

For example:
  • independent observer - attach evidence
  • member of the initiative group - provide a certificate
  • a participant in grassroots initiatives - describe what the initiative did (with links and sources), what work you did, etc.

It is also essential to understand what you are currently doing in exile.

Fill out the application and attach all required documents here. We are accepting applications until April 15 inclusive.
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