3 months to the "Self-government" project

The "Self-Government" project continues its march across Belarus.

For three months now we have been traveling around the country and meeting excellent people. We began to visit cities in the second round, and now we are discussing all the answers from officials to our inquiries, which were drawn up at the first meeting.

We carry out consultations on the development of self-government in the form of KOTOS and talk and campaign for citizens at their place of residence and draw up issues that we can solve together. And we also receive an incredible amount of feedback and energy from you, dear Belarusians!

Here are a few of them:

“Hello, we want to say thank you. We received all the necessary consultations on the development of self-government. We prepare questions, keep in touch with an expert. Everything is very sensible, to the point. The charisma itself helps him (the expert). And of course, he gave us a lot of different ideas. Moving on! "

"Hello. When I was told who the expert would be with us. We looked at how the person showed himself. The expectations were met. Thanks for your work!"

"Good day. I wanted to thank you for your work. You know, here it is worth understanding what kind of audience it is. Those who are in our team understand the strategic objectives. That there is no such thing as change. These are long steps. And we are grateful that we are already doing them!"

You guys are unreal! Together we will definitely build a country for life!

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