3 ways to help to political prisoners from "A Country to Live in" foundation

Friends, one of the main goals of our Foundation is to support political prisoners - heroes of New Belarus. Therefore, we encourage you to continue to show solidarity and help those who need it most during dark days.

1. Monthly assistance to families of political prisoners

Within the program's framework, our Foundation assists families of political prisoners serving sentences associated with imprisonment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. A prisoner's relative may act as an applicant, provided that this relative has taken care of the minor children (child) of a political prisoner.

Read more about the program here.

2. Family friend solidarity program

This program is a continuation of the project of assistance on monthly material support for the families of political prisoners. The essence of the project is that a friend is assigned to the family, who supports a specific family of a political prisoner with children for a certain period of time. More details are on the link.

3. Let's help a political prisoner to get ready for a prison transfer

Time is ticking - more than a year has passed since the arrest of some political prisoners. Therefore, we ask you to make life a little easier for people in the conditions of the so-called correctional colonies and offer four sets for sending a political prisoner to the stage. Choose one or several sets - help the heroes of Belarus!

Read more and pay for the set here.

Friends, choose any proposed methods and share this information on the resources available to you, and may the New Year be happier than the outgoing one!
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