Today the people of Belarus are subjected to repressions unprecedented in scale and cruelty. Belarusians from all over the world have united to help the repressed, including students and teachers who have suffered from the criminal regime. The international association BeSSA - Belarusian Student Support Association was formed from many initiatives. The association included such initiatives as "Honest University" (legal and financial assistance to repressed students), BAREA (the scientific community of Belarusians in the USA), a number of information projects, as well as scientific and teaching superintendents in Poland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland and other countries. The Belarusian Student Support Association (BeSSA) team focuses on finding educational programs around the world available to students from Belarus; assistance in the employment of teachers, researchers, graduate students and doctors; financial assistance and support, mentoring and preparing students for admission to foreign educational institutions. "A Country To Live In" Foundation begins close and fruitful cooperation with the Belarusian Student Support Association and is pleased to help in initiatives aimed at helping students and teachers who have suffered from their citizenship.
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