The closer the collapse of the empire, the crazier its laws

The Belarusian state named after Lukashenko continues to intimidate. On June 30, amendments to the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus will be adopted. This is not yet serfdom, but something close.

They will consolidate those norms of law that have already been applied in practice. They will finally legalize slavery. It will become even easier to fire an unreliable employee (although it was not very difficult before). An employee on the initiative of the employer can be fired for:
  • absence from work in connection with serving an administrative arrest that impedes the performance of labor duties;
  • forcing other employees to participate in a strike, creating obstacles to the performance of their work duties,
  • calling on workers to terminate their work duties without good reason;
  • participation of an employee in an illegal strike and other forms of refusal to perform labor duties (in whole or in part) without good reason. An employee of the procedure for collecting, organizing, storing, changing, using, depersonalizing, blocking, distributing, providing, and deleting personal data is violated by an employee of the procedure.
Belarusians, if we continue to endure the dictatorship, very soon everyone will have the same hairstyles and a prize in the form of a portrait of a dictator.

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