The team of A Country to Live In foundation expresses sincere gratitude for our patrons’ financial and informational support.

Our activity is steadily gaining momentum, and thanks to you, we can help a lot of people!

We gladly submit a detailed financial report on the work of the foundation in December 2020.

Please spread the word about us and the help that we are providing to people in Belarus!

Our foundation adheres to the principles of transparency, sensible privacy policy, and strict accountability to our donors.

We guarantee our donors the opportunity to receive reports on all funds raised with evidence of expenditures in full accordance with our goals.

Feel free to download the report for a more detailed overview. The results of our work are also available on our website and social media.

We already know that our foundation’s mission will not wane with the victory of justice in Belarus.

Our team is preparing an array of projects that will contribute to Belarus’s revival once we win.

We are grateful for your help and support and are looking forward to working with you in the future!

Download the report inf PDF format.
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