Santa Clauses are going with gifts to children of political prisoners

Friends, we are completing the logistics processes associated with the formation and delivery of gifts. Most of the New Year's surprises are on the way. Some have already found their owners, some we will deliver in January, but no later than the Old New Year.

We want to share with you a small letter from the kids:

“Dear Santa Claus, three sisters, Arisha, Nastya, and Helen, are writing to you. We have behaved very well this year. They listened to my mother and helped her, cleaned the apartment, and got good grades. In addition, we looked after my sister, who is 3 months old. They did everything so that my mother would not be upset.

The most significant gift for us would be for dad to come home, but this is probably impossible. However, we believe that you can fulfill any desire, even the most incredible! We love listening to music, singing, and dancing and dream of Yandex station. This is such a smart speaker. We know that it is costly, so we ask for one gift for three. Please smile at your mom, so she doesn't cry.

I also want to promise you that we will behave well for the next year, free our daddy. On New Year's Eve, we will open the window, and we will wait for you with our granddaughter Snegurochka, come to us on holiday".

Please continue to support the families of political prisoners in these terrible days for Belarus.
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