Emergency relocation

Let's talk about emergency relocation. In recent months, thousands of Belarusians have faced persecution by the repressive apparatus built by Lukashenko. For many, the question was: end up in prison or flee the country.

Imagine that you are watching a movie in which the main character escapes from the special services. He throws out a SIM card, changes cars and apartments to get rid of the tail. He crosses the border through the no-man's land or waits in line at the airport while his documents are checked. The tension builds up.

Have you imagined?

Now imagine this is not a movie.

Thousands of Belarusians have faced this reality since August last year. A criminal case was brought against someone for going out and then released for a while. Someone demanded punishment for the special services officers who committed lawlessness, but they faced threats and pressure instead of justice. Someone was fired, and then they threatened to take the children to an orphanage.

This is actually happening in a country in the center of Europe in the 21st century.

"A Country to Live in" foundation helps Belarusians to carry out an emergency relocation. We help in:
  • Visa processing
  • Arrangement in a new place
  • Learning the language of the host country
  • Job search

The situation can become more complicated if you are not leaving the country alone, but with your family, or if you do not have a visa to the European Union ready, and the count goes on for days or hours. In this case, we recommend relocating to Russia or Ukraine - countries with which we do not have customs control or do not need a visa. Simultaneously, Russia's option does not look very safe due to the closeness of this country's political regime and the Belarusian one.

"A Country to Live in" foundation strives to maximize the safety of the relocator. We do not abandon him in a new place. We do this with the help of Belarusians both domestically and abroad. This is our solidarity.

Each case of emergency relocation is different. Although there is one thing in common - all those who have left Belarus strive to return to it to see their tormentors in the dock in a just and free country.

You can ask for help with relocation HERE.
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