If you received a "letter of happiness" from the tax office. Legal advice

"A Country to Live in" foundation receives many requests for filing declarations with the tax office. People are afraid that the regime is looking for and finishing off those objectionable to the system. Is this so? The Foundation lawyer Marina Nikandrina tried to figure it out.

Lukashenko's economic model is going through hard times. There is a catastrophic shortage of financial resources in Belarus. Therefore, the fiscal authorities have been tasked with maximizing resources to withdraw money from the population. As a result, more and more often come the requirements for submitting a tax office declaration of income and property.

So, you were among the "lucky ones" who were sent a request to submit a declaration of income and property. Do not rush to sprinkle ashes on your head. It is better to understand the issue.

To begin with, let me remind you that citizens of our country are required to submit an income tax return annually, no later than March 31-st, if they received taxable income in the reporting calendar year. Those who must submit the declaration include citizens who receive payment from abroad or remittances from others.

If the transfers were from close relatives, then such income is not subject to income tax, regardless of the size, and it is not required to file a tax return. The same applies to the spouse's close relatives. That is, if your mother-in-law or mother-in-law gives you something from abroad, you will not pay tax on this amount. Gifts from persons unrelated to close relatives are subject to income tax only if the estate exceeds 7003 Br. If there is more than this amount, the declaration is submitted only concerning the excess amount, and income tax is paid.

Citizens who work abroad, to avoid double taxation, must submit a document confirming that the tax in another country has been withheld. Today this document must be certified by the tax service of a foreign state.

Suppose you are nevertheless sent a requirement to submit a declaration of income and property. In that case, it is possible that the inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties has not received all the information necessary for exemption from tax. Therefore, it is necessary to find out on what basis the request was sent to you.

If necessary, fill out the declaration and attach all documents confirming the fact of income.

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