"A Country to Live in" Foundation is recognized as an official partner of the iHelpBelarus initiative, created by the Belarusian diaspora with the aim of verifying the activities, subsequent cooperation with charitable organizations and initiatives, as well as financing projects to help Belarus during this difficult transition period.

The recognition of "A Country to Live in" Foundation as a partner of iHelpBelarus means that its activities have been thoroughly checked and approved by a group of highly qualified international experts in the field of finance and business.

Thus, the work of our foundation meets the North American standards for the activities of charitable organizations, foundations and non-profit public associations.

The iHelpBelarus whitelist also currently includes “Our Home (Lithuania), FUNDACJA ZACHÓD WSCHÓD WSPARCIE (Poland), VSI Dapamoga (Lithuania),“ Stripe ”(Israel), INEEDHELP_BY (USA), and“ Headquarters of the Canadian Diaspora" (Canada).

"A Country to Live in" Foundation would like to thank the iHelpBelarus.org financial group for such a high assessment of the work of the foundation.

We also remind you that iHelpBelarus has actively supported "A Country to Live in" Foundation in the project of the first shelter for refugees from Belarus in Bialystok.
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