The results of the work of Santa Claus mail

Friends, we are summing up the work of Santa Claus mail.

On New Year's Eve, our project was designed to bring joy and a sense of celebration to those little Belarusians whose parents ended up behind bars at the behest of the dictator. Our goal was to collect letters from children with wishes and turn them into reality.

Without caring people, this demanding work would be beyond our power. You became good wizards who paid for and ordered gifts and helped deliver them to the children of our heroes. As a result, 221 children received gifts for the New Year! This is our joint success!

We have received and continue to receive a tremendous amount of feedback from parents and their children. They are shocked by such a powerful wave of support and solidarity, delighted the kids. At such moments you understand that everything was not in vain.

Unfortunately, we cannot publish photos and video reviews with people on the site because we are afraid of their safety. But we are happy to share photos gifts that the children sent so that you can share this joy with us.

"Happiness cannot be expressed in words! Children squeal with joy! Thank you very much for your work, for this joy and smiles that you could give our children even at this time! I believe that everything will work out, and we will be able to thank and hug everyone."

"Hello! Thank you so much for the gifts. The youngest son is delighted! The eldest has not yet received his gift (he went on vacation to his grandmother), but I am sure he will also be very pleased with the gift, such happiness for our children. Thank you so much, everyone!"

"We received a watch and a thermal mug. Now my daughter does not part with them. She liked it very much. Not only to her but also me)) now I'll have to ask her to use it sometimes)) Thank you very much. I don't even know how to thank all the caring people! "

"Gifts arrived. I told the children that our dad had found the opportunity to congratulate us. The children are in shock, they don't understand how he could do it, but now they don't part with gifts, they sleep with them..."

"Hello! Did your daughter receive a gift from Santa Claus, and is she already playing with might and main? Thank you very much for the fact that even after hundreds of kilometers, across borders and all obstacles, you were able to reach out to us and share kindness and support! Your work and attitude during this difficult time will never be forgotten!"

"Hello, Happy Holidays! Rollers, Lego, markers - everything is very cool. We are delighted. Thank you for this happiness!"

There is also a fly in the ointment. When letters from children with cherished desires came to our Santa Claus mail, we could not hold back the tears. Of course, everyone asked the good wizard to return their parents home, although many understood that this was beyond the power of a fairy-tale character.

Unfortunately, this most cherished desire we have not yet fulfilled. Therefore, let's make a promise, first of all to ourselves, that we will do our best to return all Belarusians home as soon as possible.

Together we can do. Not only miracles on NewYear'ss Eve, but history.

You can support the families of political prisoners with children HERE.
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