Where to file petitions

We conclude our story about the petition. In the last article, we found out what it should contain. So now, let's figure out exactly where to file petitions.

First, you need to determine what problem you are trying to pay attention to:
  • If you do not want a plant with harmful emissions to be built in your city, then contact the Natural Resources Committee, the Ministry of Health, the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology
  • If you witness election fraud, write to the prosecutor's office and the CEC (this is unlikely to work, but in the future, it will allow you to identify those responsible for falsification or inaction)
  • If there is no gym at the school - then contact the executive committee

Petitions can be submitted to all authorities that can solve your problem. You will find a list of them on online platforms for citizens' appeal:
  • petitions.by
  • zvarot.by

Remember that every issue you want to solve with a petition is different. Much depends on what the ultimate goal of the appeal is and who can help in its implementation.

Government agencies have 14 days to consider your appeal and response. Good luck!

And remember, petitions are a way to hold the authorities accountable at all levels: from the unrepaired asphalt in the village to electoral fraud. So let not immediately, even if not today, but we will get an answer from them. Then, we will live in a real Country to Live in!

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