Littouwin Lions Club - Family Friend

“A Country to Live in” foundation has been running the Family friend solidarity program for a month and a half now, which allows you to look for options to support political prisoners and their families with children in the face of growing repression.

A Family friend is a person or organization from any part of the world who wants to help a family of political prisoners. At the same time, he does not have contacts of these people, or there are difficulties in transferring money from abroad to Belarus. In this case, a Family friend takes care of a family from our list for one of the proposed periods (3, 6, 9, or 12 months) and provides them with financial support through the Foundation.

Littouwin Lions Club, a charitable public organization, confirmed its participation in the Family Friend program today. Our friends from Lithuania took under their guardianship a large family of three children, whose father was behind bars after the dictator's verdict. Littouwin Lions Club will provide this family with monthly assistance of 300 euros throughout the year.

In difficult times, solidarity is more important than ever. If you have the opportunity and desire, please help the families of political prisoners. Doing this as part of the Family friend project is completely safe for both you and those who receive financial support. Helping people who are especially hard today, we are laying the foundation for a better Belarus and keeping the political prisoners' faith in goodness and humanity.
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