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Why do we not disclose the names of political prisoners whom we assist.

"A Country to Live in" foundation provides monthly support to political prisoners and their families. We buy food and necessary things that our volunteers take to prisoners in places of detention. Also, our Foundation provides families of political prisoners with monthly cash payments.

Of course, we could not have done this without your constant help and support - both financial and informational. The events of the last year have proved that solidarity for Belarusians is not an empty phrase.

Friends, you often see our calls to help political prisoners - those heroes who ended up behind bars because of their civil position, who did not surrender even in the harsh conditions of prisons and isolation wards, where sadists in uniform break a person's will and body.

Our principled position is not to disclose the names of political prisoners to whom we assist. Otherwise, we will expose them to a direct blow. The lukashenko regime will most likely apply its repressive apparatus to their relatives - from accusations of non-payment of taxes to participation in the overthrow of the "constitutional" system.

Not to mention the fact that the political prisoners themselves, who are already in a disenfranchised position in prisons and isolation wards and are completely dependent on the will of the guards, will find themselves under additional pressure.

You can help political prisoners HERE.

You can order programs for political prisoners HERE.
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