The first results of the work of the project "Self-government"

For more than two months, "A Country to Live in" foundation has been developing the Self-Government project. All this time, we travel around the country and meet magnificent Belarusians.

It's time to summarize and share some numbers:
  • we held 12 meetings in 12 cities and towns (names are not disclosed for security reasons)
  • talked to more than 200 activists
  • drove almost 5,000 kilometers
  • spent 400 liters of gasoline
  • got an incredible boost of energy and determination

We also learned that almost every council of territorial public self-government has a leader. And now we need to hammer-hammer-hammer!

You guys are unreal! Together we will definitely build a country for life!

The regime is wobbling and bursting at the seams. When the vertical of power, which Lukashenko so diligently built for 26 years, fall, ordinary Belarusians will take responsibility for their cities into their own hands.

All of you are needed as alternative self-government to transfer power from the occupiers to the Belarusians. Together we will build a new Belarus - a real country to live in!

Ours will take!

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