"Let's back to the legal track." Let's talk about the search

In modern Belarus, such things as detention, courts, and punishment types have become relevant and commonplace. Today we will talk about the search procedure.

If they came to you with a search, this does not mean that you are suspected of a crime. They can come to any person if there is reason to believe that there is a crime or things related to a house's crime. If a neighbor calls and says that you have a flag, this is certainly not an instrument of crime. Nevertheless, in the current Belarusian realities, the police are rushing to eliminate this dangerous object.

So, they came to you.
  • To begin with, employees must show a search warrant. There should be an inscription in the upper right corner: - "I authorize" - the signature of the prosecutor and the official seal. But in a case requiring an immediate search, the prosecutor's sanction is received only after. He must be notified within 24 hours from the date of the search.
  • During the search, attesting witnesses must be present, consisting of at least two people. And these should be people who are not interested in the outcome of the case. The police usually come with their witnesses. It happens that one of the two witnesses indicates places where they have forgotten to look. Before starting the search, you can file a petition and ask to replace such attesting witnesses with people you know, for example, your neighbors. Not the fact, of course, that they will replace it. But you have such a right.
  • During the search, you can insist on your lawyer's participation or demand a free one if you are detained at the time of the search.
  • Make sure that a protocol is drawn up with the start of the search.
  • You or the attesting witnesses have the right to make comments in the search protocol. Before signing the protocol, please read it carefully, mark anything you disagree with or consider illegal. Do not leave empty spaces in the protocol. Put dashes.
  • The things and documents seized during the search are presented to those around them, packed and sealed at the search place, and entered into the seizure protocol. During the search, you do not have to answer questions. And also, not obliged to give passwords from computers or telephones, refer to Article 27 of the Constitution.
  • If you think that your rights have been violated due to the search, you can file a complaint with the prosecutor's office. Evidence obtained during a search in violation of the law has no legal force.

Now the number of searches is increasing, the level of repression is growing. But it is impossible to change the consciousness of people and to force oneself to love by fear. They can conduct 1000 searches, confiscate 1000 flags, but the authorities will not stifle people's will to freedom from the totalitarian regime.

Long live Belarus!

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