Applications closed

Friends, we are closing the acceptance of applications in two areas:
  • summer holidays in Italy under the Cultural Exchange program for children of political prisoners, activists, and strikers
  • free shelter for refugees from Ukraine
In both areas, we have received more applications than we can handle. Thus, 122 applications were received for the summer holidays, and the total number of children was 161. In addition, as part of the shelter project, we received more than 20 applications each - from one to three children.

We see a great need for assistance and continue to look for options to attract it. Now the Foundation team is processing, verifying the received data, and communicating with everyone who has contacted us. We will put on a waiting list those we cannot help now. We will get these people when additional charitable destinations open.

We ask you, dear subscribers, to support our fundraising to help political prisoners in Belarus.

Our support is needed by many in the country. Any, even the slightest help will not be in vain.
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