We continue to travel around the cities of Belarus and acquaint you with the topic of self-government

Self-government is the future of the new Belarus, in which each person is responsible for what happens in his environment - a yard, a village, a district.

Thank you for being so actively involved in discussions and for sending appeals to Executive Committees. We noticed, that more and more people are getting involved in the subject of local government, that is why we are preparing an online training specially for you. The training will include the following topics:
  • What is local government and self-government;
  • The types of local government and self-government;
  • The key basics of legislative framework;
  • The area of responsibilities of local government and self-government;
  • Referendums as a type of local self-government.

Why is that important?

We believe, that local self-government is the key to the well-being and prosperity of society. Who other, than people in their own yard, district or village, know better, what exactly do they need? Who other, then they, should decide, where their taxes should be directed?

 “A Country to Live in” foundation aims to educate people, increase their civil responsibility by conducting such training.

After you complete the online training, you will receive our school certificate.

*Very soon pre-registration for our training will be open. Attention! The number of places will be limited, don’t miss the opportunity!

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