"Self-government" project. First results and your feedback

Despite the summer heat, non-working mood, and brutalized workers of riot police and housing and communal services, we continue the "Self-government" project.

Our team travels to cities and also holds events in an online format. We are pleased to introduce you to some of the results (for our project, we have prepared statistics for the last three months):
  • minimum age of participants: 20 years
  • maximum age of participants: 67 years old on
  • average interested in a topic: 35+ years
  • 12 offline events and 19 online events were held
The theme with which we conducted our events:

"Current state, development prospects and legal regulation of the activities of bodies of territorial public self-government (HSE)."

We are very grateful to the participants of our events because you continue to fight against lawlessness and achieve your goals.

A few of your reviews:

"The organizer and the expert are always in touch. We are ready to answer any questions. Thank you so much."

"I never thought that the topic of self-government might interest me, but as it turned out, it’s exciting and informative. I hope that you will come to our city again. "

"I wrote a statement with a request to provide me with information on the Committee of Territorial Public Self-Government (CTPS) activities at ZhES and the CTPS work plan for 2021. I'm waiting for an answer. "

You guys are unreal! Together we will definitely build a Country to Live in!
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