The team of "A Country To Live In" Foundation is representatives of completely different professional spheres, which in a very short time managed to create an actively working charitable foundation, without having any experience in this kind of activity.

We are constantly learning and improving, and we really want you to also understand all the processes of the fund's functioning. Therefore, we decided to create a special section", in which we will talk about the history of charity and clearly and lucidly explain all the principles of the foundation.

We are all altruistic by nature and feel the need to help our neighbor and not only. Charity got institutionalized just over 100 years ago. In 1913, the first-ever dollar billionaire John D. Rockefeller created the first charitable foundation.

The original goal of the foundation was to help the poor and disadvantaged groups of the population in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In ten years, it has grown into the world's largest grant-making foundation.

With the support of the Rockefeller Foundation, medical institutes were built in many countries of the world, programs for the provision of food and agricultural development were created, and research centers were built.

"A Country To Live In" Foundation began its activity by helping volunteers, activists and political prisoners. As the fund develops, we plan to launch other important and necessary projects for Belarusians.

"A Country To Live In" Foundation promises to continue its activities in the new free Belarus and will actively support its restoration and prosperity.
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