Launch of Polaris project

Friends, our new Polaris project starts today. We received almost 200 applications to participate in it, but there were only 90 places, so we had to make a difficult decision.

We have chosen those who can attend all classes and have a project to implement.

We are already working on launching the second stream of the Polaris course.  There is a demand, and it is excellent.

We appeal to those among the 90 students - you already have a schedule and detailed instructions in the mail. We will contact the rest who applied but did not pass the selection soon and put them on the waiting list.

In today's conditions, leaders of civil initiatives are needed more than ever. The ice of totalitarianism in the eastern part of Europe is cracking and breaking - Belarus will be free, and then we will all face the question of democratic changes. Belarus needs truly popular transformations in various spheres of public life and competent specialists who can turn them into reality.

Therefore, study hard!
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