Shelter for refugees from Ukraine is ready

Shelter for refugees from Ukraine is ready.

Friends, at the end of March, we decided to open a house in Warsaw for refugees and held a series of negotiations with our foreign partners. As a result, today, we are ready to accept and settle people after two weeks.

Who is this house for?
  • For mothers with children who fled Ukraine after February 24.
Two important points: the age of children under 15, the nationality of the mother and child do not matter.

In total, 20 people can find shelter in our shelter. Each of the adults will be signed an agreement on compliance with the rules of residence. The term of stay in the shelter is 3 months. Accommodation is free.

Today we are busy providing our future guests with the necessary products, hygiene products, and absolutely everything that people who fled the war may need. If you want to help us with this - write. If you need shelter and protection - fill out the form. We are waiting for you.
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