Today, on December 8, Maria Moroz, head of the "Country To Live In" Foundation, and its executive director, Alexey Yerokhovets, visited a shelter in Bialystok (Poland) that had recently opened its doors. This shelter was created jointly by the foundation and its Polish partners from the Fundacja Bialorus 2020.

The shelter is designed to accommodate 18 refugees from Belarus. At this moment, 6 people already live in the house. The program of their stay will be 1 month, during which volunteers will work with forced relocators. They will help Belarusians with education, profession, employment and general integration into Polish society.

More details about this initiative can be found on the Fundacja Bialorus 2020 Facebook page.

Also, the "Country To Live In" Foundation plans to open similar shelters in Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland and Russia.

The teams of the Foundation and Fundacja Bialorus 2020 would like to thank all the people who participated in the fundraising for the creation of the first shelter in Bialystok.

We promise to monitor the work of shelters and publish regular reports on their activities.
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