Speakers of the Polaris course

We continue to talk about our new project, "Polaris. Leader of civic initiatives". To date, half a dozen well-known lecturers have confirmed their participation.

Here they are:
  • Alexander Knyrovich - Entrepreneur, Master of Business Administration
  • Nikolai Khalezin - art director of the Belarusian Free Theatre, program director of the Creative Policy Hub, playwright, director
  • Natalia Skibskaya - psychologist, gestalt therapist, supervisor
  • Yauhen Krasulin - Candidate of Historical Sciences
  • Ilya Dobrotvor - political strategist, freelance journalist, activist
  • Petr Zhilinsky - political historian, lawyer

The course program includes the following disciplines:
  • Legislation of the Republic of Belarus
  • US and EU law
  • Legislation of the Russian Federation
  • History of Belarus
  • History in faces: the leading influential figures on the world stage
  • Management in political campaigns
  • Journalism and the basics of public speaking
  • Fundamentals of Stage Speech and Acting
  • Psychology and conflictology
  • SMM in political campaigns




The course program is planned for March 2022; classes will be held 2-3 times a week on weekdays in the evening. At the end of the program, we will discuss everything we heard and how you can use the knowledge gained.

Friends, if you are interested, hurry up to join! The registration form is here. Participation is free, but places are minimal. Tell us why we should see you on our course, and also share this information with your friends.
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