Top 5 questions on the Family Friend solidarity program

Why do we insist on concluding a non-disclosure agreement? Why do we need your data? Who can become a Family friend? This post answers these and other pressing questions regarding our new Family friend solidarity program.

1. Why do we insist on concluding a non-disclosure agreement?

The Foundation and the Family friend draw up a binding agreement for 10 years on the non-disclosure of personal data and any other information received within the Family friend solidarity program framework. This is done primarily for security reasons: both for a family with children, which is in Belarus with all the ensuing consequences, and for the Friend of the family so that no article of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus is introduced on the person who donates funds.

2. Why do we need your data?

All Family friends undergo mandatory verification. We want to create the safest, open, and most convenient assistance system and make sure that our work does not put any of the parties at risk.

3. Who can become a Family friend?

A person from any part of the world wants to help a family of political prisoners.

4. Does the program only include families with children?

Yes, this is a program to help families of political prisoners with children. There are families with 1 child at least on our lists that need support. In addition, there are many large families with 3 or more children.

5. Can I choose the family I want to help?

No. See item 1.
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