"You and I have one moon for us"

Painting by the incredible painter Olga Yakubovskaya.

This work was created based on a drawing by one of the political prisoners and is timed to coincide with Mother's Day and our action "Flowers for a mother whose son is behind bars." The picture itself, its name, and the fact that it is a drawing of a political prisoner are very symbolic. After all, we all really have one moon, one misfortune, and one goal.

Our Foundation works every day to help political prisoners and their families. They were not left alone with the trouble - we are together. "A Country to Live in" foundation is always ready to lend a shoulder. We do what we can, using what we have and being where we are.

We monthly support families with financial help, food, programs, and informational and moral support. And on Mother's Day, we really wanted to support mothers with warmth.

Friends, we kindly ask you to take part in the action and pay for one or several bouquets for the families of the prisoners. There are already more than 70 people on our lists, and this is only one region of Belarus.

If you cannot help financially, please share information, just spread this link about the action (just a link, repost is not required, do not forget that the Telegram channel is recognized as extremist).

Thanks! When we are together - we can do everything!
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