Attention! Help from a child psychologist is needed

For several days now, the shelter of the "Country for Life" fund has been opened, in which mothers with children who fled the war in Ukraine live. Almost all of them came from the east or north of the country - Kharkiv, Kyiv, Chernihiv.

Children have seen death and destruction, been under shelling and bombing. Of course, this had a significantly negative impact on their psychological state - the little inhabitants of the shelter are frightened and are in a state of stress. Someone is afraid to be alone in the room, and someone cries for no reason. They need help.

Friends, if there is a child psychologist among you, please respond. Live chat would be the preferred option (our shelter is located in Warsaw), but an online help format is also possible.

Please don't pass by. You can contact us through the shelter administrator, Anna @Feboronok (telegram contact).
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