“A strike is not a riot. This is right "

"A strike is not a riot. This is right,"- Sergey Dylevsky, with the informational support of "A Country to Live in" foundation, announced the start of the "I'm at home" campaign.

My name is Sergey Dylevsky; I am the same as you, a simple worker. And an ordinary worker needs to work. Work well and professionally. Work in such a way that colleagues and friends speak well of him, and his plant develops and grows.

But workers also have rights, and these rights have been taken away from us. The right to live happily, without fear, in a free country, and the right to defend one's opinion, even through a strike. A strike is not a riot. It is a right. The big strike is not a revolution. It is a duty to oneself, family, and country.

You can tell me: "What is this Dylevski talking there? He sits in Poland, has a job, just ran away. And we need to live here, what does he know there? "Yes, I am in Poland, yes, I work, but I have not escaped and am not sitting on the couch.

Friends, in August 2020, Belarusians declared themselves to the whole world. Belarusians want to say: "Basta! "And eight months of peaceful marches were not in vain! Thanks to this, we realized ourselves as a nation, we united! But to overthrow the regime that is drinking our blood requires another bold step. To not lose our victory, and God knows how long to live without rights, without justice, freedom, and being slaves to his whims.

But for myself, I said: "Enough!"

Stop sitting sit back. I, as a worker, as a peaceful person, urge you not to miss our, perhaps, the last chance. And for this, you need to do the right actions and not just activities. We need to act intelligently. He doesn't need to drink our blood and eat for our money.

The first thing to start with is to withdraw all your funds from bank deposits. The dollar is growing. The ruble is depreciating. We must have at least some supply of money. Let it be 5 or 10 bucks. But you will have them.

Next, you need to buy groceries for a week or two or a month, as far as your funds allow. For what? Do you remember empty counters and coupons? I remember. When my parents brought extra stew or sugar home, they were happy to have food in reserve.

Understand, it will only get worse. Lukashenko is undoubtedly not eternal, but the question is - if the regime rots for a long time - together with it, we will rot!

I want to say - let's go to the strike together for the father! Yes, precisely to the strike, so that this tyrant would go away! But how can we do this? Just go to the general strike. But not the way we did it in August.

Remember how this blue-fingered man came to the factory when we shouted: "Go away!" Remember how scared he was of us. And we gave up the slack.

Nicholas II abdicated the throne when 1% of the workers went on strike. And we are not one percent.

We should realize that abroad will help us - neither the West nor the East. And not because they don't want to or because they feel sorry for the money. I know that the scammers control all the money that comes from abroad. Those parcels that were sent to the victims, people report for them to the police. Or those fines that people were helped to pay now have to be paid again—complete chaos and lawlessness. Hence, one must rely only on oneself.

I don't know which will happen first - a general strike or a dollar for 6 rubles. But this already smells in the air.

Therefore, I invite you to take part in the action "I'm at home!" On the designated day, each striker can leave the mark "Ready for the strike!", So we will support each other and show how many of us there are.

We will not substitute ourselves for clubs. You don't go to work. Stay at home! Remember what Sergei Tikhanovsky called for! We have a slipper revolution! We have not been able to swat the cockroach so far. But we can stop feeding him. The main thing is to be ready for this ourselves!

You can, as I said, buy food so that there is enough for a day, a week, a month. And go to the dacha or the village, help the parents plant potatoes! Help yourself, help your parents!

But at the same time, put on your slippers, write a statement, take a photo, send it to the management, and that's it! You can have a cultural rest.

It can be seen that the "tough business executive" is now drowning himself - well, just let us help him a little in this. We will speed up this process.

Finally, I want to say - why do we need all this. Yes, to live not like trembling creatures, but like people. But as? I'll show you this using the example of workers like us. And not in conditions of dictatorship and hatred of trade unions, but in conditions of democracy, where a worker is a person, where the worker is the people's hero.

Long live Belarus!

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