Completion of the first phase of the Polaris project

Friends, here are the final lectures within the "Polaris" course. So today, we are proud and slightly sad to announce the completion of the first stage of our educational project. For more than two months, excellent speakers told the audience about doing business, creating and operating political and civil campaigns, and various decision-making factors.

A total of 73 lectures were held with a total duration of 109 hours. We believe they were valuable and exciting. And we don't say goodbye. Today, Belarusians need viral transformations in various spheres of public life and competent specialists who can make these changes a reality. This means that the second phase of the Polaris project is ahead. Follow the updates on our website and social networks, and see you soon!

And finally - the opinions of the course participants. Working with you was fun and exciting.

"I want to say thank you for organizing the lectures. Now we are just planning to hold an event, and I see that I am starting to do differently, and my thoughts are much more structured."

"I liked the course, and I discovered a lot for myself. 3 times a week, though, 2, in my opinion, would be optimal. I want to continue the program. It would be great. Thanks a lot!"

"I believe that the Polaris courses helped me broaden my horizons and gain new relevant knowledge and became a catalyst for the implementation of my ideas, which have already become real plans. As a result, I feel that I can, and I want to act. I also enjoy meeting new people. Thanks for not wasting time."

"I think that topics such as management, business strategy, and marketing should not be theory from a book but carry practical value (take it and do it) so that people can apply the cases from these lessons and make their projects more successful. They are not of interest in the form in which they are now. So if an expert comes, I want him to share something that works successfully for him and can be implemented - an exchange of experience and ideas."

"Great organization, interesting speakers, and overall great course idea."

"There were not enough modern approaches (there are not Belarusian but European criteria for compiling the same business plans). There are also many exciting tools in marketing that could be discussed (in terms of promotion). I think it is more valuable to know about new features and opportunities and work in the modern world).

"The course is busy, and many necessary questions were raised here, and a lot of good advice was given."

"Interesting topics and a good level of experts. But the issues are very different, unrelated. The information is theoretical, not fixed by practical classes. Participants had little opportunity to get to know each other and active communication and networking. With projects. Thank you for an exciting project and work! "

"Messy. Every day, which is not always convenient. Lack of opportunity to listen to the recording of missed classes. There was no sense of the integrity of the training program."

"In general, I liked the course, as for general development, just a little bit. I want to divide them by topic and do specific courses to focus on what is specifically of interest, for example, only marketing."

"Excellent and exciting course with professionals in their field. Each lesson touched upon important issues and was lively and interesting. Time flew by very quickly. Each expert deserves a channel to share their experience and knowledge. I want to express my deep gratitude to the organizers and experts for creating this wonderful course. I am happy to take part in new projects. I wish you success!"
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