When the harsh winter is not a hindrance. The "Self-Government" Project continues its tour of the country

"A Country to Live in" team's team continues an informational tour around Belarus with the "Self-Government" project. We produce educational videos, conduct online training, and meet with you in your cities to give self-government lectures. Together we learn to write appeals, write complaints, and petitions to make our yards, districts, cities, and our Belarus better!

The fourth stop on our way is city D (you know why we can't name cities and participants)?
Spoiler: because we love you and thus take care of your safety.

At the first event, we discussed the following topics:
  • history and essence of local self-government, its involvement in the life of Belarusians (analysis of the presentation of the Lev Sapega Foundation)
  • current legal framework for regional government and self-government
  • the current state of bodies of territorial public self-government in a particular city
  • creation of protest self-government based on the KOTOS institute (collegial bodies of territorial public self-government) in a particular city, protection of street actions through the mediation of KOTOS 
  • activities within the framework of local self-government for the restoration of rights on the Belarusian land

Guys, thank you for joining us and so actively participating in the discussion. We express our special gratitude for the result we came to during the discussions!

We decided that we would be free very soon and we would decide for ourselves what we need on our territory: in a city, district or yard.

We are aware that some cities have already expressed a desire for us to come to them. Guys, if you are interested in managing your city on your own, then we are going to you! See you soon, Belarusians!

We believe we can, and we`` will win! 

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