June 1st – International Children's Day

On June 1st, Belarus, along with the rest of the world, celebrates International Children's Day.

"Children's Day is held to draw adults' attention to preserving children's rights to freedom of expression, education, protection from violence, and the right to life. Both parents and the state must recognize and uphold the rights and freedoms of children."

This quote is from the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, adopted by the UN in 1959. Belarusian regime takes a particularly cynical approach to "caring" for children's rights and freedoms.

Currently, 207 political prisoners with underage children are behind bars. A total of 365 children have one or both parents imprisoned for political reasons. These people were incarcerated for their civic stance. They wanted their children to live in a free Belarus.

Do dictator`s servants and he himself realize that they are depriving young Belarusians of their childhood, that many children have been forced to grow up prematurely while their parents are behind bars?

On this day, we want to remind everyone of our solidarity with the children of political prisoners. You have the power to give them a bit of warmth and joy.

For the past four years, an event for the children of Belarusian political prisoners has been held on the eve of June 1st. Each time, we remind the public of the challenges and difficulties faced by these families with children. Many of them have enough funds only to cover their basic needs.

This year, the traditional children's campaign is organized by the project "Emergency Humanitarian Aid Service," which includes BYSOL Fund and A Country to Live in FoundationPublic campaign BY_HelpDissidentby InitiativeAssociation of Belarusian Business Abroad, Association of Belarusians in America, "Talaka" organisation also joined the action. 

The event involves a fundraising effort aimed at helping the children of Belarusian political prisoners. Together, we can provide material, but most importantly, moral support to these families. We can make the children feel that they are not left alone with their problems and hardships.
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