23,400 euros have been raised for the children of political prisoners.

Thank you for your solidarity!

Friends, we are pleased to announce that thanks to your solidarity, 23,400 euros have been raised for the children of Belarusian political prisoners. These funds will go towards organizing summer vacations, with an allocation of 100 euros for each child under the age of 16. A total of 234 applications were received, all of which have been fulfilled.

Last year, concerned Belarusians raised 28,006 euros for the vacation of children of political prisoners. At that time, 270 children from 149 families received assistance.

This year, the traditional children's campaign is organized by the project "Emergency Humanitarian Aid Service," which includes BYSOL Fund and A Country to Live in FoundationPublic campaign BY_HelpDissidentby InitiativeAssociation of Belarusian Business Abroad, Association of Belarusians in America, "Talaka" organisation also joined the action. 

The funds collected will be used for:
  • Excursions, trips, travel, summer camps for children.
  • Educational workshops such as chess, drawing, etc.
  • Sports sections: swimming pool, tennis, football.
  • Equipment for games: balls, sneakers, scooters, bicycles, roller skates, brushes, drawing paper.
  • Aid of 100 euros will be provided for each child up to the age of 16. Applications are accepted until May 19th. Everything to make the children's summer unforgettable.
The fundraising is not closed yet. Any money collected beyond the initial amount will go towards school supplies for the children of political prisoners. This campaign will start at the beginning of July.
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