Action of solidarity with Sergei Tikhanovsky

On May 29, 2024, it will be 1461 days or 4 years since the detention of Sergey Tikhanovsky. 447 days incommunicado. Sergey has not been allowed to see a lawyer for over a year, he does not receive parcels, and communication with relatives has been interrupted.

As of today, we only know the whereabouts of Sergey Tikhanovsky, so we appeal to all Belarusians abroad to write letters of solidarity to him, and before sending the letter, send his photo to the Letter Bank.

More details about the Letter Bank can be found at the link.

We answer the most obvious questions:

Why write if the letters don't reach him?
  • Letters reach the location of political prisoners, which means there is a chance that they will be read by censors. Let's show that political prisoners are not forgotten and that the regime cannot break our solidarity!

Pre-trial Detention Center No. 8, 222163, Zhodino, Sovetskaya Street 22A
Sergey Leonidovich Tikhanovsky

Why send to the Letter Bank?

There are several reasons:
  • After his release, Sergey will definitely read the letters and see our support.
  • This is necessary not only for political prisoners but also for us. We will see that there are still many of us.

Is it safe to write letters?
  • We urge those for whom it is safe to write letters. That is, Belarusians abroad and all people of goodwill, wherever they may live.

Writing a letter doesn't take much time, you don't need to live in any particular territory for this, anyone can do it, and it doesn't matter what language your letter is written in!

Today is May 1, we have 29 days, so on average we need to write 50 letters a day.

Let's do it! Gather with friends, meet with families, organize letter-writing days to Sergey Tikhanovsky and post on social media with the hashtag #1461letterstosergei

And let the walls fall!
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