Elena Filatova: "Any form of support is vital for Belarusians"

Elena Filatova - guardian of political prisoner Polina Sharendo-Panasyuk talks about participation in the joint information campaign of our Foundation and the Dissidentby.com initiative in support of political prisoners "Until All Are Free".

"I chose Polina, because we have a lot in common with her. These are children, political views, ways to achieve goals. I understand her messages and actions. And since she and I ended up on different sides - she is in prison, and I am free, I decided to become Polina's voice, her guide to the outside world.

She did not choose her isolation, so my goal is to bring her closer to the Freedom she deserves. Everyone who is currently being forcibly held in captivity has the right to respect and attention. Sentences that are handed down illegally are directly related to the status of free people. We understand why the authorities are asking to silence the voice of truth. These voices are capable of resisting the evil that has come to the Belarusian land.

It is well known that political prisoners are feared even in complete isolation. Therefore, the threats that exist for them cannot be ignored categorically. Any attempt to force people to submit to criminals should be punished because it contradicts common sense. The people did not choose torture, beatings, and murders for the "idea of total dictatorship." Therefore, everyone who has the opportunity to speak must do so.

The main value is life. We have to fight for everyone. Any form of support is vitally important for Belarusians today. Otherwise, they will destroy not only those who were captured and kept in terrible conditions, but also the nation as a whole. My main goal is to stop the repression against the Belarusian people and to see those who stand up for their views free.

Today, the name of Polina Sharendy-Panasyuk, her story is invariably heard on every international platform, in every international circulation. We insist that there is a real threat to her life. Accordingly, her case is a priority. Polina must return to her family alive and well.

My goal is to do it as soon as possible, because every day behind bars is torture for Polina. We must stop terror against our citizens and all those who fight for Free Belarus."

Polina Sharenda-Panasyuk is a public figure, a political prisoner. He has been in prison since January 4, 2021. She was sentenced to two years in prison, but later the term was extended to four years. It is known that in prison they ask her - they put her in the SHIZO, they do not transmit any information, correspondence is prohibited.

Elena Filatova is a member of the Narodnaya Hromada party. Human rights defender, blogger, volunteer. Project manager "Anti-Crisis Center Belorusskyi Dom", "The rights work", "Elena Minsky Charitable Fund" (Ukraine).
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