What is a petition and what is it for

A petition is a collective request or demand. In our reality, this is practically the only instrument of dialogue with the authorities.

Your appeal will receive a response by the Law "On Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities." Written and electronic applications must be considered no later than 15 days, and applications requiring additional study and verification - no later than one month, unless legislative acts establish another period.

Online platforms for citizens to contact state bodies of the Republic of Belarus:
  • petitions.by
  • zvarot.by

Who can file a petition?

Any resident of the country in oral, written, or electronic form.

Why do you need to sign petitions?

Visualization of the scale of the problem. The more signatures on the petition, the louder the campaign will be, and the more likely you will meet the requirements set out in the petition.

How many signatures do you need to collect for a petition to be considered?

An appeal is considered collective if it contains 2 or more signatures on the same issue. If there are 30 or more signatures, the request is subject to on-site consideration (unless otherwise follows from these appeals).

What should be contained in the petition, we will tell in the following publication.

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