If your heart bleeds for Belarus. Donate Belarusian political prisoners families with children part of your Lithuanian taxes

If you are a taxpayer in Lithuania and you have the opportunity to choose where exactly to send 1.2% of your taxes.

"Perhaps you were born in Lithuania, maybe you moved here a long time ago or have recently settled after the events of 2020. But you pay taxes, which means you can decide where 1.2% of them will go.

  • you have already decided where to send this money
  • you are still thinking
  • you just didn’t know about it and didn’t think about it

Please, dedicate a few minutes of your time to this post.

As of February 1, 2024, human rights activists have recognized 1615 people as political prisoners. However, the number of those affected by the actions of the criminal regime is much higher. Not only those in detention suffer (conditions in Belarusian prisons, colonies, and isolators can be likened to torture chambers). Their families outside also suffer. Children don't see their fathers and mothers, wives miss their husbands, elderly parents long for their sons and daughters.

Often, relatives of political prisoners face a serious need for money - for legal support and to meet basic life needs (especially if the sole breadwinner is behind bars).

A "Country to Live in" foundation helps political prisoners and their families. Currently, we are making one-time payments of 300 euros to those who seek assistance, as well as covering medical expenses for political prisoners and their relatives.

Perhaps, like us, you care about the fate of Belarusians who, due to the criminal regime, find themselves behind bars while their families are left without support. We ask for your support for these people.

In ancient times in Belarus, there was a tradition called 'talaka.' It was mutual aid, working for the benefit of community members in distress. For example, someone lost their home due to a fire, or children were left orphans. Our ancestors came to help and, through joint efforts, helped build a new home or took care of the children. We ask you to remember this tradition.

Sooner or later, Belarus will become free, but help in difficult times will never be forgotten.

Instructions for donating to Belarusian political prisoners families with children:

1. Go to the website https://www.vmi.lt/evmi/


2. Log in to your profile


3. Access EDS


4. Go to "Pildity forma"



5. Click on "Prašymas skirti paramą"


6. Click on the planet


7. Click on "Pradeti"


8. Enter the recipient's name or code (305633703)


9. Specify the percentage, up to 1.2%


10. Choose the number of years for the transfer, maximum 5 years


11. Confirm with "Taip"


12. You can also go back to edit or change the organization


13. You can choose multiple organizations, but the percentage sum should not exceed 1.2%


14.  And at the end, click Generate a petition (green button)"

Thank you, for your help!

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