"Helping people like Yuri is the duty of every responsible citizen"

Elizaveta Prokopchik - guardian of political prisoner Yuri Kostyuk talks about participation in the joint information campaign of our Foundation and the Dissidentby.com initiative in support of political prisoners "Until All Are Free".

“I knew that Yura came from the same city as me - Pruzhany. In addition, Yura is a young man, and I have always been involved in youth activities, so I really want to support young people who find themselves in such a difficult situation. In addition, this is the second time Yuri has been a political prisoner. And he became a political prisoner precisely because of his desire to help other people who shared his fate.

Helping people like Yuri is the duty of every responsible citizen.

Now there are not many ways to help Belarus from abroad. And especially do it in such a way that you immediately feel some benefit. Yes, it may sound a little selfish, but if there are thousands of people behind bars in Belarus because they wanted justice, then the least you can do is talk about them from time to time on your social networks or in meetings with other activists from all over the world.

Unfortunately, I cannot now provide freedom to every person in Belarus. But help for those who suffered for their beliefs is available to everyone.”

Yury Kostyuk is a resident of Brest. He has been arrested twice and convicted under "political" articles - "Insulting state symbols" and "Engaging in extremist activities". He is currently serving a four-year prison sentence.

Lizaveta Prakopchyk is an activist of the Youth Bloc.
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