We have returned!

We returned from vacation and prepared a short report on what we managed to do during our absence from the office:

1. Delivered gifts to 221 children of political prisoners under Santa Claus program, and now we are working on a detailed report with reviews and photos for our donors

2. We paid monthly financial assistance to 51 families of political prisoners with children and we ask you to continue to support them

3. We continue to work on Family Friend solidarity program. At the moment, trustees have been found for 2 large families. We remind you that everyone can become a Family Friend - our waiting list includes families with both 1 child and 2, 3 children. They all really need the support of caring people

4. We are finishing work on the draft program for the rehabilitation of political prisoners

5. Some of us were still able to spend a little more time with our families, give them our attention and time.

Thank you for staying with us - we continue to move towards our goal together!
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