Opening of Shelter in Vilnius

Friends, The Emergency Humanitarian Aid Service is pleased to announce the opening of a shelter in Vilnius.

Here is who can live in it:

  • former political prisoners;
  • families of political prisoners;
  • political activists.

If families with children apply for accommodation, they have priority. The same applies to elderly individuals and those in vulnerable situations. Priority is determined by The Emergency Humanitarian Aid Service, which also conducts mandatory verification of all applications.

The duration of stay in the Vilnius shelter will range from 1 to 2 months and will be determined individually. Additionally, residents of the shelter will sign an agreement that regulates the rules* and duration of stay, responsibilities of the parties, and more.

*Living with pets in the shelter is prohibited.

In case of urgent need, please contact the Vilnius shelter in Telegram @Shelteris.

Let us remind you that The Emergency Humanitarian Aid Service, along with activists, ensures the operation of shelters for Belarusian refugees in two other countries and three cities around the world:

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