International payment system PayPal has awarded the status of a charitable organization to "A Country to Live in" foundation

The international payment system PayPal, which operates in almost all states of the world, has completed an audit of "A Country to Live in" foundation activities. The financial flows passing through our fund have been thoroughly audited.

As a result of the audit, "A Country to Live in" foundation received a charitable organization's status, which means it will be able to pay less tax. Thus, we will send a larger amount of funds transferred to us to help Belarusians who have suffered from the criminal regime's actions.

Why is it important

Since its inception, "A Country to Live in" foundation has been guided by openness, transparency, and strict reporting. Every person is important to us, and our help must reach everyone. Right now, the foundation is expanding its activities and presents new projects-initiatives:
  • Informational project "Real News." Analytics, life stories, truthful information about Belarus and Belarusians
  • Legal project "Let's back to the legal track." The state must comply with its laws
  • Self-government project "We are the authority here." How real local self-government can and should work
A thorough and strict check by the international payment system PayPal is a guarantee that the money donated by caring Belarusians will not settle in private accounts but will go to its intended destination:
  • To support victims of repression of Belarusians
  • On the development of society and the formation of really working, civil institutions in the country, which after the fall of the dictatorship will not allow a new usurpation of power.

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