Transfers for prisoners in the pre-trial detention center on Volodarsky street

A "Country to Live in" foundation assists political prisoners who will end up in prisons and detention centers in Belarus by the criminal regime's will.

Last week, we delivered parcels with food to 10 activists in Detention Center No. 1 on Volodarskogo Street in Minsk.

The transfer to the pre-trial detention center to all people is more than just a transfer:
  • This is news from the outside world, an opportunity to touch the products and things you are used to daily.
  • This is the moral support of the prisoner.
  • This is the confidence that he is remembered, that nothing is over, that there is someone to hold on to and endure concrete walls pressing from all sides.

In conditions of violent isolation from the outside world, even a favorite pack of cookies seems to be a small reason for happiness because the prison's semblance of food is another way of psychological influence on the prisoner and the cramped, cold, and damp cells.

Let's help those who went out with us. They went out and stood for us, and now we will help them.
Even the smallest manifestations of Belarusians' solidarity with each other will help destroy the current criminal regime based on one-person management, lies, and fear.

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