The registration for participation in the "New Belarus" conference continues

The leader of democratic Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, calls for participation in the "New Belarus" conference, which will be held in Vilnius on August 3-4:

"Our solidarity is a value we preserve within ourselves despite the regime's efforts to distance us from each other. It is very important that events like the 'New Belarus' conference continue to be platforms for communication that unite us. I hope that during the event we will not only reflect on past challenges and mistakes but also find in discussions a common understanding of the direction in which the Belarusian democratic community should work."

The main goal of the event is to bring together Belarusian democratic forces, activists, public and cultural initiatives, and the diaspora on one platform to discuss the strategic priorities of the democratic movement for 2025, address community challenges, and collectively find ways to solve them.

Registration is required to participate in the conference.
Registration responses will be sent by July 19.

The organizers also note that all official communication regarding the "New Belarus" conference will be conducted through the email Please ensure your cybersecurity and use only official contacts!

Originally, the conference was planned to be held in Warsaw. However, the organizers eventually moved it to Vilnius. According to representatives of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's office, the relocation was due to security concerns. Additionally, the fact that American singer Taylor Swift is performing in Warsaw on August 2 influenced the decision. "Tickets for hotels and flights or trains for participants from other countries would be prohibitively expensive, which is an unjustified expense for the democratic movement," noted the conference organizers.
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