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"A Country to Live in" foundation is launching a charity auction for Belarusians and those who sympathize with our people's struggle for freedom and justice. Join if you want to show your civil position and express your attitude to the lawlessness that has swept our Motherland. And it doesn't matter where you live - in Belarus or abroad.

The auction features 10 T-shirts with excerpts from the Belarusian constitution - living reminders of what has long been buried by the current government.

These T-shirts you buy are sent not only to you - your fellow countryman in Belarus, who is now fighting for your and our freedom, will receive the same T-shirt. T-shirts for Belarusians will be raffled off in the intellectual ONLINE game #MadHead 

Wearing this T-shirt, you draw the attention of foreign countries to the fact that hell is not over in Belarus yet, as well as to the fact that for precisely the same T-shirt, your fellow countryman in his homeland may well feel this hell on himself. 

Here are examples of lettering on T-shirts: 
  • Article 3. The people are the only source of authority
  • Article 7. Principle of the rule of law
  • Article 21. Ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens is the supreme goal of the state
  • Article 22. All are equal before the law
  • Article 24. The state protects human life
  • Article 25. No one should be subjected to torture and inhuman treatment
  • Article 33. Freedom of opinion is guaranteed
  • Article 38. Citizens have the right to elect and be elected freely
  • Article 81. The president is elected for five years directly by the people
  • Article 110. Judges are independent and are subject only to the law

All money raised by the charity will go to help the families of political prisoners. You can donate HERE.
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