Director Andrei Gnet is under threat of extradition to Belarus

It became known about the detention in Serbia of music video and advertising director, journalist and one of the founders of the Free Association of Athletes SOS BY Andrei Gnet. He faces extradition to Belarus.

Last October, Andrei Gnet flew to Serbia for work from Thailand, where he lived until recently. He was detained right at the airport. The reason was a request from Belarus to Interpol. The Lukashenko regime accuses Gniet of tax evasion in the amount of 300 thousand euros. The activist has been in a Serbian prison for four months. The conditions there, by the way, are quite harsh. Andrei Gnet complained about the lack of medical care, deteriorating vision, hair loss, and that he was not given access to the prison library. 

On February 19, a meeting of the appeal court was held, at which Andrei Gnet expressed confidence in the political nature of his case and the intentions of the Lukashenko regime to prosecute him for his public activities. Gniet noted that he left Belarus in 2021 because of the interest of security forces in him as one of the creators of the free association of athletes SOS BY.

This organization is recognized as extremist in Belarus. It was created in 2020 and united Belarusian athletes who spoke out against violence and election fraud. In addition, SOS BY contributed to the cancellation of the 2021 Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk and the suspension of funding for the National Olympic Committee of Belarus.

“Deadly torture awaits me in Belarus. There is no law in Belarus, no protection, no independent judiciary. Everyone who opposes the authorities is imprisoned, tortured and humiliated,” said Andrei Gnet.

The activist's lawyers informed the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg about the essence of the case. The decision of the Serbian court regarding the extradition of Andrei Gnet to the Lukashenko regime should be expected in 20-30 days. Until then, the activist will remain in a Serbian prison.

Friends, please take care of your safety. If you are in Belarus, do not forget to clean your account on Telegram and other social networks. If you left Belarus due to political persecution or the threat of it, do not come to potentially dangerous countries that could hand you over to the current Belarusian authorities.
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