From January 1 to January 14, the Foundation team goes on vacation

"A Country to Live" foundation unites people who in 2020 came out for different candidates, but with a common goal.

And then, for similar reasons, they ended up in a foreign land. Therefore, we did not fold our hands but continued to do what depended on us and direct all our time and energy to help other Belarusians. It's already the second year.

Our loved ones, relatives, and, most importantly, children are sympathetic that mom or dad is not 100% with them and cannot leave work outside the home. But the longer, the more difficult it is for us. Therefore, the Foundation team made a difficult but significant decision (for our children, for sure) - we will spend time with families in full-time mode.

Friends, from January 1 to January 14, the Foundation team is going on vacation. Of course, we will be in touch on important issues, but right now, we will try to close all the operational problems as much as possible to spend the first weeks of the year with our families.

We hope for your understanding, always your employees of "A Country to Live in" foundation.
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