Shelter in Bialystok. First results of work

A shelter for refugees from Belarus has been operating in Bialystok, Poland, for two and a half months. It was opened in December last year with the joint efforts of "A Country to Live in" foundation and its Polish partners from the "Fundacja Bialorus 2020" and the support of the financial group. It's time to take stock of the first results of the work.

During this time, 25 people became residents of the house. These are not only students but also families with small children and Belarusians who came to Poland alone.
Everyone has different stories of getting into our house:


  • Someone drove purposefully from Ukraine.
  • Volunteers took someone from quarantine in Poland.
  • Some residents moved from a refugee camp in neighboring cities.

Almost everyone who approached us and confirmed the expediency of staying in the shelter could get into it.

After the project's opening by volunteers from the diaspora of Bialystok, an action was organized in the media, aimed at supporting the residents of the shelter. Thanks to this, many people who lived in Bialystok and all of Poland responded. The house residents were provided with the necessary hygiene products, household items, food, and clothing.


The problems faced by the project volunteers: increasing the level of the Internet signal, minor electrical repairs, installing additional ventilation in the kitchens were solved by the volunteers. Today the house contains all the necessary things for a comfortable stay.

In early March, we expect a partial change of tenants and possibly new difficulties. But with the experience behind us, the support of the diaspora, and caring Poles, we hope that everything will turn out in the best possible way.

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