Sviatlana Ilyashenka: “We need to support the real heroes of Belarus”

Sviatlana Ilyashenka talks about the patronage of political prisoner Mikita Yemelyanau as part of the information campaign of our Foundation and the Dissidentby initiative "Until All are free."

"I chose Mikita Yemelyanau because I was deeply impressed by his story. He fought for Freedom and Human Rights, conducting symbolic actions in support of political prisoners even when it wasn't mainstream! I have letters and postcards from Mikita.

Caring for political prisoners is very important. It is essential for this topic to always be loudly voiced in all social networks and on global platforms so that Europeans are aware of the horrors happening in prisons and can support political prisoners and their families. It is important for the relatives and friends of a political prisoner to know that someone else cares about their loved one! It is crucial for the political prisoner themselves as psychological support. Everyone appreciates knowing that they are needed and awaited by someone!

I believe that we should support worthy and honest people while they are alive, rather than only remembering them after their death. Unfortunately, this happens a lot in history. Therefore, we need to support the real heroes of Belarus right now!

My care involves providing informational support for Mikita so that people know his story and send letters and postcards. I also send drawings and letters myself. My artist friends have made several portraits of Mikita.

I won't disclose my plans, let them be surprises, everything will be on my professional Instagram".

Mikita Yemelyanau is an anarchist. He was sentenced to a total of 6 years in prison for attacks on the building of the pre-trial detention center No. 1 and the Minsk City Court as a sign of solidarity with political prisoners. He is serving his sentence in strict prison conditions.

Svetlana Ilyashenko is an artist and a chemist-pharmacist."
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