Wishes come true

Dear Christmas Mail participants, our words of gratitude to you! Thank you to everyone who participated in this incredible act solidarity of hearts. The miracle was possible thanks to the generosity and kindness of each of you.

We received 240 letters with the wishes of 290 children this year. Our partners and we tried to do our best to make everyone who wrote a letter received a gift.

Organizers of the campaign:
Belarusians from all over the world participated in the action: Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Belarus, Canada, USA, Croatia, Portugal, Russia, Finland, Turkey, UK, Scotland, Cyprus, Italy, Norway, and permanent wizards from the "ByProsvet" initiative and "Volnaya Masyukoushchyna".

Your warm souls sincerely touched the children whose moms and dads are in places of detention and made this most beautiful holiday of the year truly magical and unforgettable!
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