Anti-Torture Week 2024: Fighting for Justice
Anti-Torture Week 2024: Fighting for Justice
The sixth annual Anti-Torture Week has begun, organized by the "Legal Initiative" and the "International Committee for the Investigation of Torture in Belarus." The goal of the event is to draw attention to the problem of torture, which is still being practiced in Belarus.
Vasil Bykov's Birthday
Vasil Bykov's Birthday
June 19 marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the famous Belarusian writer, Vasil Bykau.
Nasta Bazar, the guardian of political prisoners Inny and Valerii Glinkskich, talks about her participation in a joint informational campaign by our foundation and the initiative Dissidentby in support of political prisoners titled "Until everyone is free."
Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya will address the Belarusian Political Prisoners' Congress, which will be held in Prague from May 23 to 25. She will not speak as the elected leader of democratic Belarus, but rather as a representative of the families of political prisoners. Olga Zazulinskaya, head of the "A country to Live in" foundation, will also participate in Panel Discussion No. 3, "Challenges Faced by Relatives of Political Prisoners."
The head of "A Country to Lie in" Foundation will talk about the situation with political prisoners in Belarus and providing assistance to them.
May 21 is the Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners. Let us remember those who will remain political prisoners forever.
On June 1st in Warsaw, a charitable festival of extraordinary Belarusian music will take place.
We respond to perhaps the most common question that people come to the legal team of "A Country to Live in" foundation with.
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