Financial report on the work of the foundation in April 2022

What we managed to do in April - read right now.
  • We equipped a shelter for refugees from Ukraine with the partner organization Progetto Sud. The official opening ceremony will take place on May 17, but since April 6, 7 families with children have been living in the shelter.
  • Our entire team was involved in the arrangement, cleaning, and preparation of the house for opening. If you want to support our shelter, follow the link.
  • In addition, we hosted several refugee families for 5 days in the guest room of the shelter.
  • We created a humanitarian aid warehouse in the shelter for its residents and everyone who needs support today.
  • We provided support to 16 families of political prisoners for 300 euros. If you want to support the fund, follow the link.
  • We made 2658 euro payments within the “Family Friend” project framework and supported 12 families.
  • We helped refugees with legalization and placed children from Ukraine in Polish schools and the Belarusian Solidarity Center. Together with the charitable organizations “Pobach,” “Dar,” volunteers, and Progetto Sud, they provided the refugees with food, clothing, and necessities, organized work with a psychologist, teachers of the Polish language, and invited a hairdresser.
  • The Foundation's team purchased food and other necessary things twice a month.
  • The Head of the Foundation gave an interview and spoke about our shelter to the following media:
- Radio "Racia"
- Belsat
- "Zerkalo"
- "Polish Radio"
  • We held a Zoom conference to support the families of political prisoners with the participation of Svyatlana Tikhanovskaya and relatives of political prisoners. We discussed the main areas of assistance, the conditions under which it will continue to be delivered to families in need, and the issue of recognizing as political prisoners those who have not been officially recognized as such until now.
  • We prepared a cultural exchange program for the children of activists, political prisoners, and strikers. We held several working meetings and collected all the necessary documents.
  • We prepared a statement from the human rights coalition, which includes "A Country to Live in" Foundation, on amendments to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus and the use of the death penalty in Belarus.
  • We held a working meeting in Vilnius on joint work between the organizations Dissidentby, Littouwin LIONS CLUB, and "A Country to Live in" foundation. We discussed the possibilities of closer cooperation and combined projects to help political prisoners.
  • Found 3 new sponsors for the "Family Friend" program.
  • Completed the first stage of the educational course "Polaris," having prepared 73 lectures with 109 hours.
  • We prepared for the launch of the project "Women's Leadership," aimed at realizing the potential of Belarusian women.
  • We processed 70 requests for financial assistance.
Despite the war in Ukraine and our involvement in helping refugees, we do not stop our work to help political prisoners and their families. More than 1,000 people are still behind bars, and the number is growing. Remember that Belarus is not equal to Lukashenka. The people of Belarus are against the war with Ukraine and continue to show their solidarity by providing any assistance to refugees and defending Ukrainian lands with weapons in their hands. Belarus is still in captivity by the dictatorship, but we do not give up and do not lose hope! Our team continues to do everything possible to help Belarusians! Live Belarus!
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